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I have been awaiting Episode Ten, the last episode, but I was disappointed.  I guess my disappointment is supposed to encourage me to see Season Two of The Tudors.  Showtime has succeeded.  I am so interested in The Tudors that I must see Season Two somehow. 

Episode Ten opens dramatically with King Henry masturbating while a servant catches his DNA in a cloth.  I wondered out loud, “What is going on?”  It was quite disturbing. Then I remembered a part of the book of Genesis where God forbids a man from allowing his semen to touch the ground, thus wasting it.  Also in Leviticus 15:16 and 17, God denounces a man as unclean if his semen touches his flesh and his garments unclean if semen touches them.  A combination of the three scriptures is my best explanation as to why the King was masturbating in front of a servant who had to stand there and catch his semen in mid-flight.  Yuck!  Anyway, it is obvious that the King’s patience for Anne and her “chasteness”, which is really a weapon to hold the King’s attention while her family conspires to gain more power , is wearing thin.   At the end of the episode, King Henry and Anne Boleyn finally have sex but it doesn’t end with  the bells and whistles that they expected.  It was a moment of weakness that caused them to have sex before he is rid of his wife and married to Anne.  They both walk away disappointed, Anne being the most disappointed because now it appears that the King’s attention will no longer be wrapped around her.

In this last episode, the King has a new group of advisors as Wolsey and 15 of those working for him are arrested for high treason.  Although the King has turned against Wolsey, he makes it very clear that Chancellor Wolsey, as one man, was more successful at managing his affairs than his group of advisors.  Wolsey ends up slitting his own throat in prison before his trial-a happening that the King wants to keep secret.  I believe that he wanted to keep this secret because according to Catholic belief, a suicide is unforgiveable in God’s eyes and the person’s soul would have to wonder eternally in purgatory.  The King dismisses all of his servants as he mourns for Wolsey.  Even I felt some sadness for this character’s passing.  Although he was a snake in the grass, he possessed qualities that we as humans, all possessed at one time or another.

My rating: 4 out of 5 gold pounds


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