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Anne Boleyn played by Natalie Dormer


“Defender of the Faith”.  This is a new title which is given to King Henry by the Pope.  Just when you thought his head couldn’t swell anymore.  On the other hand, Martin Luther condemns the King, thus his head deflates a bit and the hot air is replaced by anger.  We all need to be grounded a bit, especially the overly magnanimous Henry VIII.   

Surprisingly in this episode, King Henry VIII had sex with only one woman other than his wife.  This time, it wasn’t showed but the lustful sounds coming from his quarters entertained the two guards who sat at the doors.  I guess they never get tired of the King’s erotic escapades.  In episode four, he spent most of his time getting hurt from jousting as he almost got his eye knocked out and from pole vaulting in mud to prove his kingliness.  The latter almost got him killed but at the same time, it caused him to sit down and do some serious introspection.  

Anyway, the part that I was waiting for; the question that I needed to be answered.  How did the not so astonishly attractive Anne Boleyn manage to steal the King’s heart???  I observed several points that came into play.   The first was orchestrated by her father and uncle.  


1) Make Yourself Noticeable:  In the third and fourth episodes, Anne seemed to be at every function the King was present at.  She was even appointed one of the Queen’s maidens, always present when she was.  He couldn’t help but notice her after a while.   

2) Do not be aggressive:  Although Anne was at almost every function, she would never look the King’s way.  She acted as if she were there just to have a good time and couldn’t be bothered with him.  When he would steal a look her way, she would act disinterested.  

3) Do not be desperate:  The King gave Anne four expensive jeweled broaches and she returned them with a note in which she said in part, ‘I am unworthy to accept these broaches especially since I have done nothing to deserve them.  Please give them to some other young lady more deserving.’ She understands that the King is yet and still the King, so she has to play up to his grandiosity by humbly referring to herself as unworthy.  By telling him to give them to some other girl, she is showing that she is not hard up to be with him as opposed to every other girl in the Court.  He is hurt by being turned down by her but impressed, so he ends up begging her to wear another “more appropriate” piece of jewelry-a beaded crucifix, which brings me to number four of my observations of Anne Boleyn’s game tactics.  

4) Do Not Reveal Past Trysts:  It is obvious to me and other viewers I am sure that Anne was having an affair with a married man who ended up leaving his wife for her.  But when her father approached her about seducing the King, she dropped him and his poetry like an old hot potato and charged him not to tell anyone of their relationship unless he wanted to die.  So when the King himself approached her ex in a threatening manner to inquire of a possible past relationship with Anne, the young man denied and was left with the ‘fear of God’ in him.  Later, King Henry observed Anne frolicking with a young man at a party and asked her about it in a threatening manner as well (holding onto her throat).  She smiled and confidently said, “That is my brother”, now knowing full well that she had the King where she wanted him.  No man, especially a king wants to hear details about past relationships.  They want to believe that the woman they are with is “clean and pure” so to speak, and has only been with them.  Even if the man is a bed hopping, skirt chasing jerk like King Henry VIII, he still wants to believe that his woman is nothing like him.  It’s an ego thing.  

5) Out of Sight, Out of Mind:  After Anne returned the broaches to the King, at the end of the attached note she revealed to him that she was traveling to the country to visit her family for a while.  Henry almost had a conniption.   He was left with no choice but to patiently wait for her return, all the while fueling his longing for her.  

6) Tease:  To the King’s surprise, Anne meets him in a secret place as he requested.  She knows that he wants to have sex with her but she is not going to be so easy.  She does allow him to kiss her once but then runs away like a coy Cinderella when she hears people coming in their direction.   

7)Do not give in too soon to a sexual relationship:  Anne actually refuses to engage in any sexual affair with the King until she is married to him.  The natural hunter in him loves this and continues to pursue her.  I’m sure he thought this would have been an easy “kill” so to speak like the others but Anne doesn’t give in and this makes him want her all the more, even to the point where he entertains the thought of taking her in marriage. 

It was fun observing these seven points of Anne Boleyn’s seduction of the King.  But of course, they are not fool proof as can be seen by the end result, so don’t try them all at once.   King Henry is in Anne Boleyn’s little web but how long will this game last before she loses her head? (almost rhymed).   

I am just enjoying how everything is unfolding.  As I mentioned earlier, the King’s brush with death causes him to do some introspection.  He says that God is punishing him for marrying his brother’s wife, Queen Catherine of Aragon, and for this reason, he can not produce a legitimate heir to the throne, so he pursues a divorce which is unheard of in the Church.  Let’s see how this plays out in Episode five.  

My Rating – 4.5 out of five gold pounds


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  1. Don’t forget a lot of cleavage goes a long way – oh wait everyone showed cleavage back then – well done!!

    Comment by Lisa J | March 29, 2010 | Reply

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