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In Episode Three, the intentions of every major character are made more apparent.  George Boleyn, now former Ambassador to France, intends to reap a fortune by pimping off his daughter, Anne, to King Henry.  A relative of his who was an ally of the late Duke of Buckingham and his attempts to usurp the throne, wants Anne to get close to the King in order to side track him while a plot of theirs unfolds.  Anne intends to follow her father’s instructions to seduce the King, so she coldly breaks off her affair with a married man who appears to be completely enamored by her.  Imagine a man reading a love poem to the object of his affections, who then criticizes the heart felt words and walks off but not before ordering him to never speak to her or ask for her again.  I love Anne Boleyn already!

The sanctimonious Cardinal Thomas Wolsey  is still aggressively pursuing the Papacy by any means necessary.  Revealed in this episode are his ill intentions toward King Henry who hangs on almost every word he says.  I was not surprised to find out that he is being employed by the King of France as a spy.  As much as I am not fond of King Henry and his affairs, this would be one beheading that I wouldn’t cringe at if they showed it.  I just do not take kind to religious figures who are pious on the outside and calculatingly wicked on the inside. 

Queen Catherine of Aragon simply wants the love of her husband.  She continues to beg the Virgin Mary for a son, even if it means walking barefoot in the rain to get to her sanctuary.  Queen Catherine is a devout and loyal wife who only wants to gain the favor of the King who wants desperately to have a son.  He even blames her for not having one, not knowing as we do today that the gender of a child is determined by the male.  As I continue to watch The Tudors I am more and more thankful to be born in this time period as opposed to medieval times.  To the Queens dismay, one of her ladies in waiting whom she confided in, Lady Elizabeth Blount, gives birth to King Henry’s first son.  Elated, he decides to recognize the illegitimate child and holds a gala event in honor of him.  The measure of the Queen’s regal stature and dignity is dramatically increased in my eyes as she walks into the celebration and politely congratulates the King in front of everyone.  I could not have been so well-mannered, then again, I am determining this by today’s standards.

On the King’s Agenda:  To amass enough wealth as possible to pummel France to the ground in war and replace King Francois by becoming the King of France.   In order to do this, he joins forces with the utterly rich 20 year old Emperor of Spain who is also the nephew of Queen Catherine.

In episode III, it seems as though the King is giving out the title of Sir like it’s going out of style.  He Knights one of his friends, Charles Brandon, played by Henry Cavill to the woe of his two other companions who demand that Henry go to the King and influence him to Knight them also.  A rift between the friends has now been created as can be seen when Henry in response, chastises them and reminds them to respect him and his newfound authority.  Thomas More and Thomas Boleyn are also knighted.  Thomas Boleyn could not ask for anything more enticing.  Thomas More, on the other hand, is initially in shock and feeling somewhat unworthy at the new title, yet of course, he ends up embracing it with a smile.

I notice that the writers are prolonging the affair between King Henry and Anne Boleyn to whet the appetite of the viewer, knowing full well that this is what we really want to see.  How did it transpire?  How was she able to hold the King’s attention for so long and so strongly that he defied the church and ended up divorcing his wife and making her Queen of England?  What kind of whiles does she possess, especially since historically, she is known to not be as outwardly  beautiful as her sister Mary?  I can’t wait to find out.  I must say that I was a bit turned off by the King’s dream sequence of him and Anne Boleyn playing cat and mouse.  At first I couldn’t tell if it was real or not.   The corny slow motion scene gave it away as being a dream.  Boleyn wore a flowing gold dress that hung in the breeze as she ran from him seductively which was an okay touch.  But I couldn’t help but want to imagine her in red, since she is the object of his red hot passion and desire.  Although what I have seen so far only hints at his attraction to her, I don’t think that the little that was covered by this episode and the last was strong enough for him to be haunted by visions of her in his sleep.  I think the dream was pushing it a bit.

 All of the chess pieces are in place so I await Episode IV.

My rating – 3 out of 4 gold pounds


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  1. Like Chess he plays them as pawns or are they playing him?

    Comment by Lisa J | March 3, 2010 | Reply

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